Couple or Individual Counseling? (part 2 of 2)

The second situation (from part 1) is focused more on your internal needs and thoughts. You might be hesitant to attend with your partner. You might suspect that some of your core issues are at the root of the problems you’re experiencing. Or, you might be confused about whether the problems are just yours to deal with or an issue for joint attention. This last one is especially common in the early stages of a relationship.

Factors to think about for these circumstances:

  • Your partner’s willingness to go with you if you wanted that.
  • The degree to which you want to focus on your inner experience of the relationship versus the outward interactions between the two of you. This is a matter of personal taste and no way is inherently right or wrong for your situation.

Did you know that most couples wait about 6 years to get help? How long do you think it takes to improve problems 6 years in the making? And what might you predict about getting help sooner?

Again, the take-away:

Getting help now before problems escalate into something harder to deal with is more important than whether you do individual or couple counseling.

Have you had individual counseling that helped with your relationships? Have you had couple counseling that helped you with your personal thoughts and feelings?