Individual Counseling

When you think of what you want from life do you feel lost or without hope?

Does it seem like too many of your waking hours are spent just going along or faking it?

Is there a mismatch between who you feel you are on the inside and how you act on the outside?

All of us have moments of imposter syndrome, which is the feeling that we are deceiving others about who we truly are. We can come to doubt that we deserve love, friendships, satisfying work.

There’s often a common mistaken belief at the root of this. We all want a sense of belonging, acceptance, and love. And you had some inevitable experiences early on of rejection and criticism. These experiences of judgment or ridicule made you think you’re not worthy just the way you are. So you tried to fit in, to be good enough.

Pretty soon, though, you start feeling like a stranger to yourself. You feel like you can’t be who you really are, or maybe you’ve even lost touch with that honest, inner self. That gets in the way of connecting with others and creates a sense of isolation.

If you could use some help in getting more connection and more satisfaction into your life, let’s talk.

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