Marriage Preparation

Nobody gets married expecting frequent conflict, unhappiness, or divorce. however, the statistics show that’s where more than half of marriages end up.

But you can take action to beat the odds. Among all the details of planning for your wedding, Marriage Preparation is one investment that contributes to keeping your relationship on an even keel through the stresses of modern life.

marriage preparation

What costs less than your wedding cake and will keep the sweetness in your marriage for years?

Each of us comes from a family with a unique culture – values, beliefs, attitudes, approaches, behaviors. The intimacy of marriage will highlight these differences. Most are not a serious issue during times of low stress, but when life’s ups and downs take their toll, these “cultural” differences can result in serious clashes and misunderstandings.

Marriage Education (also called Premarital Counseling or Marriage Preparation) helps you and your partner build on the strengths of your relationship through awareness of your differences, exercises to negotiate agreement, and coping strategies for when your values collide. This gives a stronger, more solid base for a lifetime together of happiness and satisfaction.

I use an online inventory called Prepare/Enrich to get a snapshot of your current relationship. The resulting Couple’s Report gives feedback on aspects of relationship compatibility, highlighting areas or agreement and potential conflict. Building on that, I bring in key topics customized to your goals goals and challenges as a couple, based on findings of what makes marriages last and do well. You’ll get effective tools to maintain a strong marriage and keep the promise of those beautiful wedding memories.

Note: In Minnesota, couples who complete at least 12 hours of Marriage Preparation qualify for a discount on their marriage license. This is usually a combination of in-office sessions and outside conversations between you and your partner.

Get some Marriage Education now to help insure your own Happily Ever After.


Rebecca is an ally and affirming of all healthy, mutually consenting relationships between adults.