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Love Is Not Enough

toilet roll over or under

The biggest mistake I see couples and others in committed relationships make, is to think that somehow love will be enough. Enough to read your partner’s mind. Or, maybe at least enough to avoid annoying each other. Well, certainly enough to resolve which way to hang the toilet paper, right? Well, no, it just doesn’t …

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Couple or Individual Counseling? (part 2 of 2)

The second situation (from part 1) is focused more on your internal needs and thoughts. You might be hesitant to attend with your partner. You might suspect that some of your core issues are at the root of the problems you’re experiencing. Or, you might be confused about whether the problems are just yours to …

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Couple or Individual Counseling? (part 1 of 2)

In this post, I’m going to give you the “executive summary” then discuss some of the ramifications of this question: Getting help now before problems escalate into something harder to deal with is more important than whether you do individual or couple counseling. Sometimes it’s clear which is the best choice for you when trying …

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Couple Counseling – Who Needs It?

(Note: Couple Counseling aka Marriage Counseling aka Relationship Counseling) The short answer is “Anyone who thinks he/she does.” (The person who “needs” counseling but doesn’t believe he/she does, is a trickier issue which I’ll post about another time.) Now, if your companion is willing to go to counseling, the two of you can work on …

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