“Stuck” Happens

I call myself a De-Stuck-ification Therapist, because people come to me for help when they feel stuck in an unsatisfying situation or relationship.

I believe that everyone, including you, is capable and creative. For the most part you’re doing a fine job of meeting the day-to-day challenges of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And if, despite your best efforts, you realize you just can’t seem to break out of a pattern that’s causing stress and suffering, a good move would be to enlist some help.

Most of my clients call at this point and we work together to get them moving forward again.

What to Expect

You’re feeling frustrated at trying to meet the everyday problems of life. You want less strain and more success. My office is a comfortable and professional place to be heard and understood, to heal past wounds, and to explore new possibilities.

Through our conversations, and your action plan between our meetings, you’ll develop the tools and strategies to meet your needs in more comfortable, positive, and effective ways.

You’ll be actively involved and creatively engaged in gaining more confidence, resilience, and connection.

Achieve Your Goals

You are probably an independent person who likes solving the challenges that come up in your life. And most of the time that works well. Maybe you’ve been trying for a while, and not getting any traction. Figuring out when it’s time to ask for help is a tough call for most of us.

But why go it alone when a trained and experienced “change agent” can get you to a better place faster and more easily?

Give me a call and let’s talk about how I can help. I want to support you in figuring out what will work to get you back on track to a fulfilling life of greater happiness and better relationships.