Therapy Readiness

Are You Ready for Counseling?

Are you ready?There are many factors which support people in making change happen. We look at 7 of the most important ones on this page to help you get a clearer picture of how ready you are to address problems in your life and relationships.


This quiz is offered for general informational purposes only. It’s not a substitute for meeting with a trained professional to evaluate your situation.


Rate the degree to which each factor is present for you, then click the button to calculate your overall readiness score.

Awareness of the Problem’s Effects
0 100%
Hope for Change
0 100%
Motivation to Confront the Problem
0 100%
Sense of Necessity for Change
0 100%
Willingness to Experience Difficulty
0 100%
Effort Toward Change
0 100%
Social Supports for Making Changes
0 100%

Ready for Counseling – Results

What follows is not a psychological interpretation, therapeutic advice, nor does it take the place of a professional assessment. It is offered as integrated feedback of your self-reported levels of counseling readiness factors.

Your overall score is ___%.

0 – 19%

Strongly ambivalent; at the stage of pre-contemplation

20 – 39%

Noticeably ambivalent; contemplating action

40 – 59%

Somewhat ambivalent; preparing to take action or even taking small steps

60 – 79%

Slightly ambivalent; taking some actions

80 – 100%

Very little ambivalence; taking definite actions

About Readiness and Ambivalence

First of all, please know that ambivalence is normal. It’s natural to have some, even when you’ve decided you need to do something about whatever’s troubling you.

It’s also common that somewhere along your journey, you’ll experience getting stuck and/or taking a step back.

Second, in terms of readiness for counseling, people have come to me at all stages. (Usually, the folks in the 0-19% camp are coming in at someone else’s request.)

If you have a lower score at the present, we’ll spend as much time as we need understanding the consequences and ramifications for and against change. I help you strengthen your motivation and confidence for making a decision that feels right for you.

If you currently have a higher score, we’ll figure out what’s causing the stall outs/relapses and what’s needed go the rest of the way. You might just need a couple additions to your “Toolkit for Change”.

As a therapist, I know how to help you work with ambivalence, to build the skills that will increase these 7 factors of change – and other ones. We’ll collaborate and get you to that preferred life you see in your mind’s eye.

Give me a call and we’ll discuss it: 763-458-6896, or .