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Be Right Or Be Together?

couple right fighting

Would your decision be easier if “being together” didn’t necessarily mean “being wrong”? A lot of couples argue about who’s right, and “The Truth”, as if there was an objective reality. And, of course, each partner believes he/she is the one who’s right. I call this “Right Fighting” and here’s why it’s a waste of …

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Mine, Yours, Ours

yours mine ours venn diagram

Scenario #1: Time Joseph walks in the door and Letitia immediately starts telling him about her day and asking him questions about family plans. “Why can’t she give me some peace and quiet when I get home?” he later grouses to his friends. Scenario #2: Space Over dinner Betsy asks Paul where her library books …

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Stop Fighting, part 2 of 2

In my last post, I explained why it’s not realistic to think you can stop fighting completely with your spouse / partner. I assumed that you picked the option of wanting to stay in the relationship and improve it. (The other two options are to end the relationship or to stay in it without changing …

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Stop Fighting, part 1 of 2

Many couples call me because they have reached a point where the conflict in their relationship has become too much to bear. They’re angry, exhausted, lonely, and afraid. Not a comfortable place! The shocking news I have to give them is I can’t help this couple – these two lovely people – to stop fighting. …

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